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Version: 0.50.0


File path:<project folder>/config/api-extractor-task.json
Associated plugins:ApiExtractorPlugin


* Configures the API Extractor task for the Heft build system.
* This optional additional file customizes how the Heft task is invoked. The main analysis is
* controlled by API Extractor's own "api-extractor.json" config file.
"$schema": ""

* Optionally specifies another JSON config file that this file extends from. This provides a way for standard
* settings to be shared across multiple projects.
// "extends": "base-project/config/api-extractor-task.json",

* If set to true, use the project's TypeScript compiler version for API Extractor's
* analysis. API Extractor's included TypeScript compiler can generally correctly
* analyze typings generated by older compilers, and referencing the project's compiler
* can cause issues. If issues are encountered with API Extractor's included compiler,
* set this option to true.
* This corresponds to API Extractor's "--typescript-compiler-folder" CLI option and
* "IExtractorInvokeOptions.typescriptCompilerFolder" API option. This option defaults to false.
// "useProjectTypescriptVersion": true

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