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Version: 0.50.0

"delete-globs" task

This task implements the "actionKind": "deleteGlobs" action kind that is used when specifying "eventActions" in the heft.json config file.

When to use it

The most common usage is to implement the heft clean action that deletes build output folders such as lib, temp, and dist.

package.json dependencies

None - this feature is implemented internally by Heft.

Config files

Event actions are registered in the heft.json config file. For example:

<project folder>/config/heft.json

. . .

"eventActions": [
* (Required) The kind of built-in operation that should be performed.
* The "deleteGlobs" action deletes files or folders that match the specified glob patterns.
"actionKind": "deleteGlobs",

* (Required) The Heft stage when this action should be performed. Note that heft.json event actions
* are scheduled after any plugin tasks have processed the event. For example, a "compile" event action
* will be performed after the TypeScript compiler has been invoked.
* Options: "clean", "pre-compile", "compile", "bundle", "post-build"
"heftEvent": "clean",

* (Required) A user-defined tag whose purpose is to allow configs to replace/delete handlers that
* were added by other configs.
"actionId": "my-example-action",

* (Required) Glob patterns to be deleted. The paths are resolved relative to the project folder.
* Documentation for supported glob syntaxes:
"globsToDelete": [

. . .