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Version: 0.50.0

Core plugins

Built-in plugins

These plugins are bundled with the @rushstack/heft package and are enabled by default:

ApiExtractorPluginImplements the api-extractor task
CopyFilesPluginImplements the copy-files task
CopyStaticAssetsPluginImplements the copy-static-assets task
DeleteGlobsPluginImplements the delete-globs task
NodeServicePluginImplements the node-service task for developing Node.js services
ProjectValidatorPluginAn internal Heft plugin that performs basic validation such as warning about obsolete files in the .heft folder
SassTypingsPluginImplements the sass-typings task
TypeScriptPluginImplements the typescript, eslint, and tslint tasks

Packaged plugins

The following core plugins are published as separate NPM packages, and must be explicitly loaded using your project's heft.json config file: